College Football Fans Chant “F*** Joe Biden” During Game

( College football is back in swing and fans in the stands have found a new pastime.

Last weekend, fans at a number of college games began chanting “F**k Joe Biden” during the games.

Not at one stadium.

Not at two stadiums.

But all across the country.

At the Coastal Carolina game:

At Virginia Tech:

At Auburn:

At Texas A & M:

Fans at a Tuscaloosa, Alabama bar also got into the act:

The trend continued this past weekend with video from the Tennessee Volunteers game on September 11:

And again at Auburn:

A recent Zogby poll revealed that 20 percent of Biden voters regret voting for the old man. But among young people, that regret was most evident. Twenty-nine percent of voters 18 to 29 are suffering from voter’s remorse. Thirty percent of voters between 30 and 49 are as well.

But it isn’t just on college campuses where disgust for the bungling, senile old crock is being expressed.

During President Biden’s visit to New York City to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of September 11, some in the crowd let him know just what they thought of him.

Biden’s approval numbers aren’t showing any signs of turning around. In an Economist/YouGov poll released on Wednesday, Joe Biden’s approval rating was a humiliating 39 percent – a six point drop in one week. Among Democrats, his approval dropped nine points in one week – from 86 percent down to 77 percent.

CNN released a poll on Friday that showed 74 percent of Americans expressed anger over how things are going in the country today – 48 percent were “somewhat” angry and 26 percent “very” angry. Meanwhile, only 26 percent of respondents said they weren’t angry with how things were going.

CNN also surveyed respondents on how they thought things in the country were going under Joe Biden’s leadership. Sixty-nine percent believe Biden is leading things “pretty/somewhat badly.” Only 31 percent believe he was leading the country “very/fairly well.”