CNN’s Don Lemon Branded Sexist For Asking Republican If She Had Mommy Brain

Last Tuesday, CNN’s resident Karen, NeverTrumper S.E. Cupp, got offended after Don Lemon jokingly asked if she was suffering from “mommy brain” when she lost her train of thought.

Cupp and Lemon were taking part in yet another CNN panel of like-minded anti-Republican pundits discussing the future of the Republican Party.

Cupp claimed without evidence that the ideas promoted by Republican politicians aren’t popular among Republican voters. As if S.E. Cupp has a single clue what Republican voters support.

Cupp claimed that only 13 percent of Republicans want a “total ban on abortion.”

She then started to add that 70 percent of Republicans want … but then trailed off, seemingly confused about what 70 percent of Republicans want. Don Lemon then jumped in suggesting that 70 percent of Republicans approve of some restrictions on abortion.

You can see why Cupp stopped talking. That statistic proves her premise was false.

But rather than admit she blew it, Cupp argued that she was moving on to a different issue. She said a majority of Republicans oppose book bans.

And if Republican politicians were in support of book bans, this would be a terrific argument. Only Republican politicians don’t support banning books.

The reason Cupp was having such a hard time making her point is that she has no idea what issues Republican politicians are promoting nor does she have a clue what Republican voters think – mostly because S.E. Cupp is not a Republican.

Finally, she jettisoned her attempts to cite polling and simply declared that the majority of Republican voters don’t support the “extreme” agenda of the “MAGA Republicans.”

Lemon then asked if the reason S.E. Cupp was having such a hard time making her point was that she has a “mommy brain.”

And like every other Suburban Karen, S.E. Cupp took offense at Lemon’s lame joke, telling him, “No, Don. I just forgot what I was going to say.”