CNN Star Tries To Spin Scandal Involving Chris Cuomo

( Brian Stelter’s job appears to consist of two things: watching Fox News and getting mad at everything he sees, and running defense of CNN no matter how egregious the former cable news network’s behavior.

After New York Attorney General Letitia James released her office’s findings on the sexual harassment allegations against Andrew Cuomo which forced the murderous, incompetent government to resign rather than face impeachment, Stelter felt his job was to run interference for CNN host Chris Cuomo.

Two weeks ago, in a cringe-worthy appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Stelter made a fool of himself trying to defend both CNN’s coverage of Governor Cuomo as well as Chris Cuomo’s role in elevating and covering up for his brother’s shameful actions.

But Brian wasn’t done.

CNN’s “janitor” continued trying to mop up after Chris Cuomo who, in the wake of his brother’s scandal left for vacation.

While Kabul fell and Biden hid out at Camp David, Brian Stelter’s absurdly named “Reliable Sources” newsletter boasted of Chris Cuomo “back from vacation” and breaking his “brotherly silence.”

Stelter “reported” that Fredo closed his Monday night show by, in Stelter’s words, “delivering an honest and heartfelt comment” about the former LovGov’s resignation announcement.

Even Cuomo’s ridiculous claim that he “tried to do the right thing” did not prompt any scorn from the obedient Stelter. This is the man who clutches his pearls and jiggles in outage over every single thing that Tucker Carlson says. But Stelter isn’t bothered one bit with Cuomo claiming that turning his alleged “news” program into a Cuomo Brothers Pandemic comedy show for months on end, or working with his brother to undermine his accusers, was trying to do the right thing.

There is no doubt if Tucker Carlson’s brother was Governor of New York and Tucker did all the things Chris Cuomo did, Brian Stelter would be apoplectic with rage.

Brian Stelter is laughably called CNN’s “Chief Media Correspondent.” But in reality, his job is to attack the ratings giant Fox News while carefully spinning or cleaning up CNN’s messes.