CNN Predicts “Backup Plan” To Stop Kevin McCarthy

US Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is threatening House Republicans, saying they had better fall in line and support his bid for Speaker of the House or prepare for a disastrous Democrat to take over; however, there is a rumor brewing in Washington, DC, that a more unified, courageous figure is quietly preparing to emerge.

CNN Analyst Predicts ‘Surprise Conservative Backup Plan’ To Keep McCarthy Out – National File

McCarthy does not currently have the necessary support to take office, and it is unlikely that he will succeed in changing people’s minds after years of ineffective leadership. Healready has a rival in US Representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ).

In response to the news that Biggs would be challenging him in a floor vote for the coveted post, McCarthy said if you have a challenge on the floor, then you turn the floor over to the Democrats so if we don’t do this, right, the Democrats can take the majority. If we play games on the floor, the Democrats can end up picking who the Speaker is.

Currently, at least 31 House Republicans have voted in favor of Biggs, and 5Republicans have chosen not to cast a ballot because they oppose McCarthy’s leadership candidacy. In an appearance on CNN, CNN analyst Jonathan Martin made the assertion that neither McCarthy nor Biggs would serve as the unifying figure required to win. Martin informed the CNN panel that “McCarthy is in real danger of losing.” He said he has a little bit of time to work those members, and he has a lot of tools at his disposal.

Martin continued, alluding to McCarthy’s strategy of rewarding his supporters with various carrots. “He has a lot of carrots and sticks and, for the next month, he will be trying to reel in just enough people with sort of various carrots,” said Martin.

Before the Republican Caucus’ earlier vote behind closed doors, Biggs said to Steve Bannon on the War Room program, “We don’t have to settle for McCarthy; there maybe a more unifying figure to come forward still. Martin’s remarks support Biggs’ assertion that a third candidate is most likely to be on the ballot.

The obvious backup is Steve Scalise, who is regarded as a mainstream conservative and is not as hated by the far right as McCarthy is in the house, Martin said to the CNN panel. There isn’t Paul Ryan waiting in the wings who could make a move and be a somewhat widely favored and somewhat super impressive choice.

No offense is intended toward Steve Scalise; he is more than capable; he simply lacks Paul Ryan’s type of background, according to Martin. Steve Scalise is “merely a conservative backup plan. Even Biggs, who this week formally announced his intention to challenge McCarthy, admitted it was unlikely that he would succeed McCarthy as Speaker, having earlier this month told the media that another candidate might emerge and garner enough support to succeed him.