CNN Admits They Don’t Understand Where Weapon Shipments Go In Ukraine

( According to CNN sources, the US has few ways to track the enormous supply of anti-tank, anti-aircraft, and other weaponry it has sent into Ukraine. A blind spot is caused by the lack of American military in the country. One source explained that it all “drops into a big black hole.” But CNN believes it’s a risk that the Biden administration is willing to take.
Since the conflict began in February, the US has contributed roughly $15.2 billion in military aid to Ukraine. Five US officials informed NBC News that the Biden administration is planning to release another $800 million package later this week.
According to the article, two officials said the package is anticipated to contain heavier artillery and tens of thousands of artillery rounds. CNN supposes some of those weapons may end up in the hands of groups that the US did not want to arm; however, they think the administration sees the failure to fully arm Ukraine as the more serious concern.
The US and NATO rely significantly on the information given by Ukraine’s government because the US military is not on the ground. Officials privately acknowledge that Ukraine is motivated to provide only facts that would help them win additional funding, armaments, and diplomatic support.
Congressional sources tell CNN that we have the tools to see what the Ukrainians are doing. The US extensively uses satellite imagery and knows that both the Ukrainian and Russian militaries appear to be using commercial communications equipment.
But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some blind spots.
According to a defense and international policy expert at the CATO institute, The main concern surrounding the torrent of weapons being channeled into Ukraine is what happens to them after the war ends or transitions into some type of protracted stalemate. Weapons can be stolen or sold on the black market. Any decision to transfer weapons overseas must take this risk into account.