CNN Admits “Few, If Any” Afghan Refugees Have Vaccine Records

( Last weekend CNN reported that of the 10,000 Afghans refugees currently housed at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany awaiting resettlement in the US, “few, if any” have vaccination records.

Not COVID vaccination records, mind you. No vaccination records at all – not the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella, not for chicken pox. Nothing. Zip. No records at all.

But this is hardly a shock.

Few, if any Afghans have any records of any kind. This is precisely why “thorough vetting” of these so-called “refugees” is going to be next to impossible.

Besides, what Afghan who is fleeing the Taliban in a blind panic in order to get to the airport to hitch a ride out is going to take the time to dig up all his vaccination records?

According to CNN, Ramstein has been administering the MMR and chicken pox vaccines to some refugees and testing all of them to see if they already have immunity to MMR.

Last week the CDC admitted that some of the Afghans that have already set foot here in the states are carrying a cornucopia of infectious diseases including measles, varicella, mumps, tuberculosis, malaria, leishmaniasis, hepatitis A, not to mention COVID-19.

The CDC is warning that, to prevent viral outbreaks, federal agencies must begin mass vaccinations for all the Afghans currently housed at eight separate US military bases around the country.

Oddly enough, the only “mass vaccination” on tap right now is for measles. There is currently no requirement these Afghan refugees receive any of the three COVID vaccines. Which is odd when you consider Biden wants businesses to fire American employees who refuse to get it.

It’s Biden’s plan to resettle about 95,000 of these Afghans across 46 states – naturally every current “swing state” is included in the mix. What a surprise.

So far, Biden has brought in 48,000 Afghans – though apparently only about 3 percent of them are the much-ballyhooed “Afghan interpreters and other allies” Biden promised to bring here.