CIA Torture Victim Reveals What They Did To Him

( An al-Qaeda-connected courier who lived in Baltimore, Maryland, as a teenager has become the first person to detail the torture he experienced at the hands of the CIA.

41-year-old Majid Khan claimed before a jury at Guantanamo Bay on Thursday that he was tortured by Americans following his arrest in Pakistan in March of 2003. He described the horrific experiences he allegedly experienced that left him so physically injured and thin that his father, Ali, and one of his sisters – both of whom are American citizens – didn’t recognize him when they traveled to Cuba for his hearing.

Neither has seen him since he left the United States and became a member of al-Qaeda following the September 11, 2001 attacks.

During the hearing, he claimed that the CIA beat, tortured, and waterboarded him to the point that he almost drowned. He even claimed that he was “force fed anally” and shackled, prompting his family members to cry as he detailed the experience.

We don’t know about you, but it’s hard to feel sorry for people who joined a terrorist organization after being inspired by the September 11 attacks, isn’t it?

CIA agents allegedly pumped his anus full of water with a green garden hose when he refused to drink, and shackled him to a wall or a beam on the ceiling with his arms over his head.

‘They connected one end to the faucet, put the other in my rectum and they turned on the water,’ Khan claimed.

In February of 2012, Khan pleaded guilty to several charges of supporting a terror organization.