CIA Officers Reveal Families Hit With Mysterious Illness

( Central Intelligence Agency Director William Burns revealed on Thursday that roughly 100 officers in the agency have been afflicted by the so-called “Havana Syndrome,” a sickness believed to be caused by super-focused energy beams being fired at U.S. officials by unknown terrorists all over the world.

On Thursday, Burns revealed how some 200 U.S. officials have come down with the mysterious range of symptoms, with 100 of those from the CIA.

He made the claim during an interview with National Public Radio, describing how his agency is working particularly hard to determine what the cause of the sickness is, and who might be behind it. He also revealed that his agency has tapped an unnamed member of the team that successfully captured terrorist leader Osama bin Laden to investigate the origins of the syndrome and that the medical team involved in the investigation has tripled in size.

The symptoms are becoming so common that the agency has not shortened the period of time that CIA workers must wait to be admitted to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center from eight weeks to just two weeks. Burns said that it is a “profound obligation” to take care of the American people and that is what he intends to do.

Interestingly, the most common place for American personnel to experience Havana Syndrome outside of Cuba is Iran, where Iranian leaders are working with various European leaders to discuss the details of a possible U.S.-Iran nuclear agreement. President Joe Biden is hoping that Iran will return to compliance with the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

He said that there is a “very strong possibility” that the syndrome is being caused intentionally, and that Russia could ultimately be behind it.