Chuck Schumer Attempting “Permanent Power” Takeover, Report Suggests

( Before the Democrats’ day-long campaign event on January 6, the Heritage Foundation issued a statement accusing Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of using the January 6 anniversary as a pretext to kill the filibuster and seize “permanent” political power.

Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts and Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson released a joint statement on January 5 after Schumer said he would seek a change in the Senate’s filibuster rules to force through the Democrats’ legislation to federalize elections.

In their joint statement, Roberts and Anderson argued that last year lawmakers in US states enacted “smart and transparent election integrity reforms” that would make voting easier and cheating harder. But rather than commend the hard work of these legislatures, the Democrats spent 2021 perpetuating a false narrative about voters suppression and disenfranchisement, while accusing those who support voter ID of being racist.

Roberts and Anderson blasted Schumer for his vitriolic rhetoric and dishonest fearmongering and argued that Schumer isn’t trying to “protect democracy.” Instead, Schumer is using January 6 as a way to accomplish the Democrats’ “never-ending goal of permanent power” disguised as a “voting rights” bill.

As bad as Schumer’s over-the-top rhetoric has been, it was surpassed last Tuesday by the President of the United States.

Joe Biden flew down to Georgia and the most divisive, vitriolic, unpresidential speech of any modern-day president. Accusing states who enacted voter integrity laws of being “authoritarian,” Biden blasted supporters of voter ID and other security measures of being traitors and racists. He likewise attacked Democrat Senators who refused to kill the filibuster of being just like the racist Democrat George Wallace.

And while Biden’s speech was meant to placate the Democrats’ far-Left base, the sheer nastiness of it repulsed Republicans, moderates, and independents alike.

In a floor speech on Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell excoriated Biden for making what he described as a “profoundly unpresidential” speech.

So vicious was Biden’s rhetoric that even some Democrats admitted his speech went too far.

In the end, Biden’s speech did more harm than good.

On Thursday, Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema announced that they would not go along with Chuck Schumer’s plan to kill the filibuster to force through their federal takeover of our elections, handing Joe Biden yet another defeat.