Chris Wallace Grilled Top Biden Official

( Just how disastrous is the Biden administration’s handling of the southern border? Well, disastrous enough that Biden’s biggest apologist on Fox News suddenly grew a spine and took the fight to Biden’s DHS Secretary.

During a somewhat contentious segment on Fox News Sunday this weekend, host Chris Wallace grilled DHS Secretary Mayorkas over the thousands of Haitian illegals that camped out under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas the previous week.

On several occasions, Wallace was as hard on Mayorkas as he is on Donald Trump, which is rather unexpected coming from him.

And rather than simply let Mayorkas get away with the standard Biden administration slippery answers, Wallace pushed back several times, forcing Mayorkas to make some rather stunning admissions.

Wallace pressed Mayorkas on just how many of these Haitian illegals were released into the United States. And as he grilled him, Wallace got Mayorkas to admit that he doesn’t know exactly how many have been released.

When Mayorkas claimed that those released will have to show up to court, Wallace called him out with the fact that 44 percent of those issued a court date never turn up. Instead, they just disappear into the country.

That slippery Mayorkas tried to get away with claiming that the flood of illegals we have seen since Biden became president isn’t a flood at all and there hasn’t been a surge. But Wallace wouldn’t let him get away with it.

Wallace even pressed Mayorkas on why this administration won’t build a wall.

Yes, Chris Wallace of all people is suggesting a border wall.

Mayorkas responded by conflating illegal aliens with legitimate legal asylum seekers while asserting that the policy of the Biden administration is not to build a wall.

Wallace even hammered Mayorkas over the Biden administration’s failure to comply with the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy.

Watch the entire segment from start to finish HERE.

The Biden administration’s failure at the border isn’t a “Republican talking point.” It is a reality. And it has become so bad that they are even getting grilled by a reliable Biden ally like Chris Wallace.