Chris Wallace Confronts CDC Director, Exposing Her

( The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released new guidance on masks that has left a lot of people very confused.

Last week, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the director of the CDC, announced that people who are fully vaccinated no longer have to wear masks — both indoors and outdoors. Not only was that announcement a surprise to most people, but it was also in direct contrast to what the CDC said only a few days earlier.

On the “Fox News Sunday” program, Chris Wallace asked Walensky what went into the decision-making process for the CDC. He asked:

“On Wednesday night, you were still arguing, still making the case that people who are fully vaccinated needed to wear masks indoors. And then Thursday, less than 24 hours later, you said, no, it changed, now you don’t need masks if you’re fully vaccinated either indoors or outdoors. Would you agree that this abrupt shift was not handled as well as it might have been?”

Walensky fired back, saying “things in this pandemic are starting to turn around,” referencing new data the CDC received in the past week.

Wallace pointedly made mention of the frustration some Americans have had with the CDC’s mask guidelines during the pandemic, and also the “increasing pressure” members of the CDC were facing. He asked Walensky:

“Can you state flatly to the American people that pressure had nothing to do with the abrupt shift in the CDC guidelines?”

Her reply:

“Yes, I can. I’m delivering the science as the science is delivered to the medical journals. It evolved over this last week. The cases came down over these last two weeks.”

While the new mask guidance is welcome news for some people, even Wallace noted “it certainly has created some confusion and even concern.”

One of the biggest issues with the new guidance is the fact that the CDC is basically forcing businesses and others to rely on the honor system. They need to trust that people aren’t lying about whether they are vaccinated or not when they enter a business without a mask.

Wallace questioned: “Aren’t you in a sense relying on an unrealistic honor system?”

But, Walensky said the vaccination rollout is ongoing and replied:

“The honor system is to be honest with yourself. If you are vaccinated, we are saying you are safe, you can take off your mask, and you are not at risk of severe disease or hospitalization from COVID-19. If you are not vaccinated, you are not safe. Please go get vaccinated or continue to wear your mask.”

The problem with that line of thinking and that advice, though, is that it confuses people. Just because the CDC has said it’s safe for vaccinated people to take off their masks doesn’t mean they’re yet legally able to do so everywhere they go.

Some states still have indoor mask mandates in place, meaning even vaccinated people must legally wear a mask when indoors. In addition, businesses have the right to institute a mask mandate in their place of business, regardless of state law — in most instances.

Just like they can post signs saying “No shirt, no shoes, no service,” they can also require all patrons to wear masks to enter their business.