Chris Wallace Claims He’s A Historian Now

( During a recent discussion on the ongoing January 6 hearings, CNN anchor Chris Wallace dismissed former President Trump’s claims of executive privilege, saying it would be “an easy one” for the Justice Department to win in court.

Wallace appeared on CNN’s “New Day” Friday morning where he told co-hosts Brianna Keilar and John Berman that Trump’s claims of executive privilege “are very weak.”

He noted that several of the witnesses who have testified have invoked executive privilege rather than reveal the details of what was discussed in their meetings with former President Trump.

Conceding that he isn’t a lawyer, Wallace said he is “a political historian.” And based on his knowledge as a “political historian,” Wallace believes if the executive privilege claim is litigated in court, “this is going to be an easy one for the Justice Department to win.”

He noted that during Watergate, Nixon invoked executive privilege, but the Nixon tapes still had to be turned over. He said Trump’s executive privilege claim is weaker because he is no longer the president.

Given all that, Wallace explained, the court will decide that Trump’s executive privilege “doesn’t count here.”

Watch the segment HERE.