Chris Wallace Calls Jen Psaki One of the Best Press Secretaries Ever

( Fox News host Chris Wallace managed to infuriate people on the right again – something he does with deadly accuracy at least once a week — this time, during a segment with Sandra Smith after Jen Psaki’s press briefing on Friday.

Once again Psaki had been sparring with Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy. This time, Doocy wanted to know why the President, during his CNN town hall, said that he has been to the border.

Psaki argued that in 2008 Joe Biden visited the border.

Yes, but that was 13 years ago and he wasn’t President then. There is a present border crisis of Joe’s own making. And yet, Joe can’t find the time to visit because he’s too busy.

Psaki then launched into the White House talking points, which she was clearly reading from her binder, giving all the reasons Joe doesn’t need to go down to the border “to know what a mess was left by the last administration.”

Yeah. She blamed Trump.

In response to that back and forth, Wallace gave a grudging compliment to his Fox colleague Doocy saying that both Doocy and Psaki are “at the top of their game.” Wallace said that he thinks Peter Doocy has become the Sam Donaldson of this current press corps. Then he said, “Jen Psaki, I think, is one of the best press secretaries ever.”

He then added that while he isn’t sure anything was accomplished in that exchange, both Doocy and Psaki “gave and got pretty good.”

Naturally, people on the right began sharing a brief clip from this exchange, expressing outrage that Wallace would praise Psaki.

“TURN OFF FOX NEWS,” says Brigitte Gabriel.

But here’s the thing. The job of the press secretary is to manage the narrative, defend the Administration, and get the White House talking points out there.

As dishonest and snotty as Jen Psaki is, there is no denying that she does that job masterfully. She shows zero shame or embarrassment over having to say stupid things like “He went to the border in 2008.” That isn’t an easy task to pull off.

On Monday during his show “I’m Right,” Jesse Kelly argued that, hate him all you want, you have to admit Barack Obama is very good at politics. Kelly explained that we have to be willing to acknowledge the talents of our enemies if we ever expect to defeat them.

Watch the clip:

The same holds true for Jen Psaki. Hate her all you want. But when it comes to spin, Chris Wallace has a point. She is a master.