Chinese Military Leaders Exposed In Leaked Audio

( According to an audio recording released from a recent and top-secret Chinese military conference that went viral throughout Indian media, Beijing has allegedly begun strategic preparations for a future conflict with Taiwan.

Chinese leaders were alleged to be heard saying that they would not hesitate to start a war, crush Taiwanese independence and strong enemies’ plots, and defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The contents of a 57-minute audio recording released on YouTube and transcribed into English by Lude Media were published on May 23 by IANS, WION, the Hindustan Times, and other Indian news sites.

The audio tape was captured on May 14 during a high-level conference of critical Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and Communist Party leaders, notably from China’s strategically crucial Guangdong region.

According to the audio’s producers, Zhou He, a major PLA general and commander of the Guangdong Military Region, and Wang Shouxin, a political commissar of the Guangdong Military Region, were among the Chinese military members present at the conference. The purpose of the gathering, according to reports, was to train Guangdong party leaders to switch from a “peacetime to wartime” posture in preparation for a future military battle with Taiwan, which Beijing claims as part of China.

According to the audio, China’s governing Communist Party gave many mobilization tasks to Guangdong Province in preparation for the changeover, including the activation of 140,000 military troops, 953 businesses, and 1,653 units/sets of unmanned equipment. 20 airports, six repair and shipbuilding yards, 14 emergency transfer facilities, and ‘food depots, hospitals, blood stations, oil depots, and petrol stations.

The national mobilization recruiting office in Guangdong will hire 15,500 new military people, retired military personnel, and “special talents.”
The province would accumulate 64 10,000-ton roll-on/roll-off ships, 38 aircraft, 588 railway cars, and 19 civic facilities, including airports and docks.

To guarantee that this “decisive fight” happens as planned, the province has been ordered to activate and expropriate all maritime and air transport capability to safeguard PLA forces crossing the Taiwan Strait. Plans to assemble militia fishing boats to respond to any “infringements” by Vietnam, the Philippines, or Malaysia and “fight the people’s war at sea” are also included.

In Guangdong, four cities in the east were classified as “front positions,” seven cities in the west and south were allocated for support and reaction, and six critical cities in the Pearl River Delta were assigned to mobility support as part of a three-pronged mobilization and deployment plan. The latter will also serve as essential support deployment sites for the 74th Army Group.

The May 14 conference is said to have emphasized Guangdong’s importance to China in general and during wartime preparations in particular.

Unverified stories regarding China’s governing Communist Party have already been propagated by Indian media sites, including one on May 11 saying that Chinese President Xi Jinping employed Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help cure a brain aneurysm he was purportedly diagnosed having in 2021.

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