Chinese Media Admit Their Own Government Failed

( In an effort to run interference for the Communist Chinese Government, the state-run Global Times attempted to shift the blame for last week’s dam collapse and flooding in Henan province away from China’s dam-building spree to “a sudden act of nature.”

“Experts” contacted by the Global Times said that China building these dams had no direct link to the Henan flooding, instead attributing it to a “sudden act of nature.” An engineering professor from Hehai University told the Global Times that overseas outlets exaggerated the impact construction of these dams and reservoirs had in causing the flooding. He claimed instead that the construction of dams and reservoirs enhance regional disaster prevention and mitigation.

The flooding took the lives of at least 33 people, displaced thousands more, and caused nearly $200 million in damage as of Thursday morning. Video showing Henan residents trapped in flooded subway tunnels while struggling to keep from drowning went viral on social media.

But even in trying to absolve the CCP of any responsibility for the flooding, the “experts” the Global Times quoted came very close to admitting that the haste with which China constructed damns and hydropower stations did lay the groundwork for the flooding in Henan.

In its article, the Global Times inadvertently acknowledged that Chinese officials have known for quite some time that the Henan region was primed for more disastrous floods. And even as they boasted of how well-constructed the newer dams are, they admit that the construction was substandard.

The collapsed dam in question, the Global Times wrote, was “probably old,” and despite “constant reinforcement,” it remained “prone to failure” in the case of heavy rainfall.

In June, Channel News Asia warned that China’s “insatiable appetite for super dams” was causing “environmental havoc” along Asia’s river systems, including the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers.

In order to gain economic leverage over the region, the CCP also wants to construct huge damn networks that would also control the flow of water downriver to nations like Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia.

During the flood season of 2020, the CCP destroyed many smaller dams to protect the massive Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River to protect vital industrial assets beneath it. By doing so, millions of rural residents were left homeless and angry with the government for sacrificing their homes in order to save more important industrial real estate.