Chinese Invasion Plans Being Drawn Up By China, Reports Show

( According to a top security official in Taiwan, the Chinese Communist Party is debating whether or not they should attack the Pratas Islands – a Taiwanese territory – after 2024, which is the year that current President Tsai Ing-wen finishes her term.

Chen Ming-tong, the National Security Bureau Director-General, wouldn’t confirm how he knew that such a debate has taken place or why China wouldn’t attack the country before then, but insisted that it is true.

It rings true, too, given that Chinese President Xi Jinping is on the record this year calling for the “reunification” of Taiwan with China – something that the Biden administration has been disturbingly quiet about.

Taiwan is, at present, a self-governed territory that has 23 million people living there. It is constantly under threat of being invaded by China. Communists view Taiwan as an extension of China, and Chinese leaders expect the West to simply let them take control of the country under the so-called “One China Policy.”

The people on the Pratas Islands are considered particularly vulnerable to Chinese communists owing to their distance from mainland Taiwan. Some 250 miles away, the island is a good first move for the Chinese before moving on to the mainland.

Speaking to a parliamentary meeting, Chen said that attacking and capturing the islands is unlikely to happen during President Tsai’s tenure.

“Frankly speaking, they have internally debated this before,” he added.

When asked about the reports, the Taiwanese presidential office referred the questions to the National Security Bureau.

If China does decide to go ahead and attack the islands, it may occur as President Joe Biden prepares to leave office – and towards the beginning of another Trump administration, if all goes to plan for the former president.