China Wins Huge Victory As World Allows It To Host Olympics Despite Its Genocide

( With the Winter Olympics in Beijing well underway, the Chinese Communist Party received great praise from communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who called the games a “great victory” for China. The compliment came in the form of a statement issued by the North Korean state-run broadcaster Voice of Korea.

“It is another great victory of socialist China that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are successfully held despite the worldwide health crisis and unprecedentedly arduous circumstances,” Kim said.

The games started on February 4 and will end on February 20. While American athletes did compete in the games, the event was hit by a diplomatic boycott from most Western countries over China’s continued human rights abuses in the Xinjiang province and beyond. North Korea, of course, has no such concern about the concentration camps that house Uyghur Muslims and other minorities who are subject to routine sexual abuse, forced labor, and move.

Curiously, North Korea issued the compliment despite fully boycotting the games this year. Athletes were not sent to Beijing to compete in the games after the North Korean government citing attempts by the United States and Western leaders to undermine the games.

“We could not take part in the Olympics due to the hostile forces’ moves and the worldwide pandemic,” a letter to Beijing from North Korea said. “The U.S. and its vassal forces are getting ever more undisguised in their moves against China aimed at preventing the successful opening of the Olympics.”


North Korea didn’t attend the games because the United States tried to ruin it for them?

Let’s face it – North Korea didn’t send athletes because it’s terrified of infecting those athletes with COVID-19 and those athletes bringing the virus into their country. Amidst an economic crisis and a food shortage, it would be a disaster for the communist nation.