China holds drills in Taiwan Strait after Biden’s Afghan fail, deploys warships and jets

( In late July, the Chinese military announced that it would be conducting assault landing and island-control drills in preparation for a possible invasion of Taiwan.

China’s military has already conducted twenty naval exercises since the beginning of the year. Another thirteen exercises were conducted in 2020. State-controlled China Central Television aired simulations of amphibious landing, two types of drones and launch rocket systems. The broadcast showed soldiers acting out missions, as well as amphibious assault vehicles firing guns at sea.

And on Tuesday, as part of these assault drills, China sent warships into the Taiwan Strait.

Echoing their previous claims, Beijing said the drills are in response to “provocations” and “external interference.”

But more than that, Chinese state media, citing President Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, said that the US would not be willing to defend Taiwan against any potential Chinese invasion – reiterating that it is China’s intent to sooner or later seize Taiwan.

This has been a concern voiced by many in the US – that the Biden administration’s abandonment of the Afghan military might signal to our enemies that the US would not honor any agreements of support to imperiled nations like Taiwan, Ukraine or South Korea.

It would be deeply naïve to think that China would not seize on this failure in Afghanistan for its own ends. And that is exactly what they’re doing.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Hua Chunying warned that no country should underestimate the “determination, will and ability” of China to defend its “national sovereignty and territorial integrity.” Hua added that regardless of how much weaponry the US may provide to Taiwan, “it will never change the general trend of cross-strait relations, let alone stop the process of China’s reunification.”

Hua has reason to believe this. After all, the US spent billions on weaponry, vehicles and aircraft for the Afghan military forces, and that didn’t stop the Taliban from taking over the country. In fact, now all that weaponry, vehicles and aircraft are in Taliban hands.

Officials in the Taiwan city of Taipei said that Chinese warplanes entered Taiwan airspace in an effort to intercept electronic communications between Taiwan and both US and Japanese forces.

Back in June, Chinese Communist Party officials vowed to invade Taiwan should it seek independence, adding that any move toward gaining its freedom would mean war.