China Decides To Shame Joe Biden Over COVID-19

( President Joe Biden has spent so much time capitulating to China that it almost seems shocking to see the Chinese Communist Party and its various state-run media companies slamming the U.S. president. But that’s what’s happening.

It proves that pandering doesn’t work when it comes to communists.

The Global Times, a state-run newspaper, claimed over the weekend that the United States is currently “repeating the nightmare” of its repeated failures fighting COVID-19, citing the spread of the Delta variant across the country.

Quite a bold statement from the country that literally created (either naturally or in a lab) the COVID-19 virus in the first place…

The Global Times claims that experts and epidemiologists have long warned that the worst of the pandemic is yet to come and that despite this, the Biden administration has repeatedly missed opportunity to “contain” the virus. How? By putting politics above science.

This is exactly the kind of external pressure that might be enough for President Joe Biden to ramp up his efforts to control the population and restrict American liberties in the name of containing the virus. So if Biden were to start calling on schools to force children to wear masks, perhaps it’s a sign that Chinese pressure is working…

…oh wait.

He is.

The Global Times then claimed that experts in China have attributed the latest wave of COVID-19 infections in the United States to “missteps” in refusing to face up to the mutations of the virus.

In China, it’s easier to control the citizens as communism means people are used to being told what they can and cannot do. The United States, however, is a free country.

Even with Biden in charge, we still have some Republican leaders fighting against federal government overreach.

What’s perhaps scariest about this analysis from China, however, is the fact that the claim Biden has “politicized” the pandemic is absolutely true. Biden and the Democrats have turned the entire pandemic and the national response into political theater.