China Claims “Time Has Come” To Return To Power

( The Prime Minister of Singapore said on Wednesday that it is going to be difficult for the United States and China to coexist while the rivalry between the two nations is defined by morals.

During a speech at the New Economy Forum hosted by Bloomberg, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that the summit between Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Joe Biden on Monday was a “necessary beginning” but added that there are many differences that are “deep” and will be hard to resolve.

Yeah. China supports concentration camps and slave labor, and the United States – even if the president is too afraid to call it out – opposes that.

The United States federal government does, however, share a common goal with the Chinese Communist Party – namely the silencing of political opposition.

Singapore’s Prime Minister suggested that there is no quick solution to the relationship between the two countries, adding that they won’t be resolved by one deal or one meeting. Lee added that the U.S. and China are dealing with incompatible perceptions of each other, whereby the U.S. has a consensus view of China as a “challenger and a serious problem” while China feels as though it’s time has come to become the next world superpower.

Lee sympathized with China and claimed that there is a “strong sense that the East is rising and the West is declining,” but added that he believes such a belief is “wrong.”

“I can see what makes them think like that. Other people sometimes think like that. But if you take a long view, you really have to bet on America recovering from whatever things it does to itself at the moment,” Lee explained.

The whole world knows China is a problem, but Biden is capitulating to them – even going as far as announcing that Chinese “journalists” will once again be granted visas to enter the United States before the summit even began this week.

Can the United States survive four years of capitulation to an increasingly dangerous and competitive China?