China Claims It Has Found “First” Proof Of Water On Moon

( Scientists have long pondered whether there is water on the moon, and NASA finally answered that question back in 2020. The answer is “yes,” that water does exist on the moon and can be found within its rock, but Chinese scientists are now claiming that tey found the evidence first.

According to a report in Science Advance, China’s Chang’E-5 spacecraft has reportedly gathered samples of moon rock in the Northern Oceanus Procellarum basin, way back in December of 2020, and that those samples contained water. Scientists estimated that the water content of the rocks was roughly 180 parts per million.

The claim from China actually came two months after NASA had announced that the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy had confirmed water on the sunlit surface of the moon for the first time. The U.S. space agency said that the discovery indicated that water could be distributed all over the lunar surfaces and not limited to just the shadowy and cold places hidden from the sun.

According to a report by Chinese propaganda news outlet, the South China Morning Posts, the discovery made by Chinese probes came before the Americans.

Lin Honglei, the lead author of the new report and a researcher from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, claimed that the returned samples from their craft “are a mixture of granules both on the surface and beneath.”

“But an in-situ probe can measure the outermost layer of the lunar surface,” he said.

You can see photographs from the Chinese probe here:

According to NASA’s data, water is present on the moon in a concentration somewhere between 100 and 420 parts per million. NASA scientists said this is the equivalent of a 12-ounce bottle of water inside of a cubic meter of soil spread across the surface of the moon. That’s roughly 1% of the amount of water in the Sahara desert.

It’s unclear whether China is telling the truth or not, and it’s hard to take the report seriously given that it was published by a government-run propaganda outlet, but at least we know one thing is for certain…

There is water on the moon.

Now the question is…how is China planning on exploiting this? And could the new Space Race be a rush between the United States and China to build a permanent base on the moon?