China Calls World Health Organization Report A “Lie”

( After the World Health Organization recommended in the strongest terms yet that a deeper investigation is needed into whether a lab accident may be to blame, China on Friday attacked the theory that the coronavirus pandemic may have originated as a leak from a Chinese laboratory as a politically motivated lie.

Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the foreign ministry, denied claims that China had not fully cooperated with investigators and stated that while it welcomed a scientific investigation, it condemned any attempt at political manipulation.

He also reaffirmed the need for a probe into “very suspicious laboratories like Fort Detrick and the University of North Carolina” in the US.

China has alleged that the US was creating the coronavirus as a bioweapon without providing any supporting data.

Zhao stated at a daily briefing that the lab leak theory was a complete fabrication created by anti-China forces for political reasons and had nothing to do with science.
He added that they have consistently backed and taken part in science-based worldwide virus tracing but vehemently rejected all types of political manipulation.
Zhao claimed that China had significantly contributed to viral tracing, giving the most information and scientific findings.

According to him, this “completely shows China’s open, transparent, and responsible attitude, as well as its support for the work of the WHO and the advisory group.”

The WHO’s position on the causes of the pandemic has been sharply reversed in a study published on Thursday. After a lab-leak theory placed Chinese officials on the defense, many opponents charged WHO with being hasty in undermining or dismissing it.

The WHO concluded that it was implausible that the coronavirus could have spread to humans from a facility in the city of Wuhan during a supervised trip to China last year. Many researchers believe the coronavirus may have spread from bats to humans via another animal.

The WHO expert group’s report on Thursday stated that critical pieces of data to understand how the pandemic started were still lacking. To thoroughly examine all plausible ideas, the experts noted that the group will “remain open to all scientific evidence that becomes available in the future.”

In animals, it generally takes years to find the cause of sickness. It took researchers more than ten years to identify the particular type of bats that served as the primary natural reservoir for COVID-19 ancestor SARS.

The WHO expert group added that the highly political idea should not be ruled out because earlier lab mishaps have been linked to some cases.