Children Aged 12 And Under Will Soon Be Able To Get Vaccine

( A shocking new report from NBC News just revealed how the COVID-19 vaccine could be approved for use in children under the age of 12 by winter of this year. It follows more than a year of public health officials and scientists repeatedly telling the world that COVID-19 does not affect children the same way it affects adults.

Why do children need a vaccine against a virus that barely affects them?

An official from the Food and Drug Administration told NBC that children may be able to receive the vaccine under emergency usage authorization – which is not a full authorization – with the goal of having the vaccine fully approved at a later date.

The COVID-19 vaccine is currently only authorized in the United States for people aged 12 and over, given that the virus typically only affects older people.

But a growing number of people in the United States are concerned about taking the vaccine, and President Joe Biden has already failed to reach his goal of vaccinating 70% of the adult population by July 4.

After a year of public health officials not telling the truth about the virus, and flip-flopping on issues like mask usage (cough, Dr. Fauci, cough), is it any wonder that people don’t trust the government when they say the vaccine is completely safe?

The same FDA official told the news outlet that officials believe that families will be hesitant to give children the vaccine as it is only expected to be allowed under emergency usage.

Trials on children under the age of 12 are already ongoing in Moderna and Pfizer labs. Let’s just hope the vaccine really is as safe as they keep on telling us…