Cheerleader Ejected From Game After Shoving Player

A Mississippi Valley State cheerleader was ejected from a game for becoming involved in an altercation with a player. The contest between Mississippi Valley and Alabama A&M on February 11th had three minutes remaining when the cheerleader, appearing to carry out a routine, kicked Alabama player Dailin Smith. Soon afterward, she came onto the court and proceeded to push the same player. In video footage, people can be heard yelling for security to remove her.

The broadcast team covering the game said there was “cussing and fussing” going on on the court and that the coach was “kinda losing it.” The cheerleader was removed from the venue seconds later. It is unclear what her intentions were or what happened following her ejection from the game. It has been suggested that Smith collided with her accidentally and she then confronted him about it. The tense game was stopped temporarily but ended with a dramatic victory for Alabama soon afterward. The final score was 70-68 to Alabama A&M.

While altercations between players and cheerleaders are rare, injury is common–and increasing. There were 4,954 cheerleading injuries in 1980. This had risen to more than 30,000 by 2019. It is a recognized sport in its own right and one of the most popular in the United States. There are over 3million cheerleaders in the country, the vast majority of them female. According to doctors, it is a more dangerous activity than is widely understood Andis responsible for more than half of the serious injuries suffered by females at both high school and college levels. There are more injuries in cheerleading than in football and the most common are concussions, ligament sprains, wrist and elbow injuries, fractures, and muscle strains.

The unusual encounter between Mississippi and Alabama took place on Super Bowl weekend. There were no cheerleader incidents at this game which was won by the Kansas City Chiefs who defeated the Philadelphia Eagles by 38 to 35.