Catholic Leaders Want To Take Action Against Joe Biden

( As anticipated, during the three-day meeting of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, US bishops overwhelmingly approved the wording of a “teaching document” intended to rebuke Catholic politicians for continuing to receive communion despite their support for abortion.

The resulting 168 to 55 vote taken on Thursday, June 17 after several hours of debate.

Supporters believed a strong rebuke of President Joe Biden specifically was necessary because of the President’s recent actions protecting and expanding abortion access. Opponents however warned that such a rebuke could be viewed as more partisanship during an already politically-divided time.

With the measure approved it will now be up to the USCCB’s doctrine committee to draft a statement on the meaning of Communion in the life of the church. This statement will then be submitted for consideration most likely during their November meeting.

In the wake of the news, sixty Democrats in Congress drafted a “Statement of Principles” in response to the US Bishops’ vote. In it, they “solemnly” urged the Bishops not to move forward and “deny this most holy of all sacraments” over “one issue.”

The fact that the “one issue” in question is the wholesale slaughter of the unborn seems worth noting.

One of the Democrats to sign this ironically-named “Statement of Principles” was California Congressman Ted Lieu. Lieu then took to Twitter and, after listing all the things he believes in that go against Catholic teaching, dared the Bishops to try and deny him communion.

No wonder the Bishops overwhelmingly support rebuking these people.

When asked about the Bishops’ decision on Friday, President Biden, after looking somewhat blindsided by the question, simply said, “That’s a private matter, and I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

Such a “private matter” that Biden can’t shut up about how “devout” a Catholic he is.

This measure does not mention President Biden or any politician specifically by name. Nor does it impose a mandatory national policy on whether or not to deny communion to those supporting abortion.

Instead, it would leave decisions up to individual bishops and archbishops.

Currently, the archbishop of Washington DC has already made it clear that President Biden is welcome to receive communion at any church within the archdiocese.