California Dem Gov Fears THIRD WAVES of Chinese Virus

( Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom told the press on Sunday that one of the reasons he has implemented some of the strictest lockdown rules in the country is because he fears a possible third wave of the Chinese coronavirus. Newsom said he believes policymakers must be “humbled” by the things they don’t know about this new virus.

Newsom went further than all politicians and experts who have discussed the very real possibility of a second wave of the virus sweeping across the country, telling CNN that other pandemics, like the 1918 Spanish flu, experienced multiple waves.

“If history doesn’t repeat itself, it certainly rhymes,” he said. “And the realities of previous pandemics around the globe and those we experienced in the United States suggest not just second waves, but potential third waves. And so one has to be very, very sober as we move forward to this next round of re-openings, and do so with the modifications that are required of the moment, and, I think, a humbleness of spirit on all sides of the political aisle that’s also needed at this moment.”

Newsom’s views chime well with those of most CNN anchors and journalists. He joins Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in having extended the state-wide lockdown and punishing businesses for reopening too early. Instead of following the same path as Colorado and Tennessee, which are opening up businesses while maintaining social distancing measures and keeping a lid on the infection rate, he has told state residents to expect the stay-at-home order to last at least another three months.

Newsom made the comments on CNN after being asked when schools will reopen in the state. He suggested that some schools won’t be ready to open until the fall, and many others won’t even be ready by then.

“And it’s all conditioned on our ability to not only keep our children safe, but to keep staff and faculty safe, to keep the community safe. So it’s all predicated on data, on science, on not just observed evidence, the reality on the ground,” Newsom claimed.

While many may be fearful about sending children to school too early, children enjoy the benefit of being least likely to exhibit symptoms of the Chinese coronavirus.

Newsom is one of several Democrats who fears the impact of the virus will be so extreme that it’s worth destroying the economy for.