BYE, AUNT JEMIMA: Quaker Foods to REMOVE Iconic Character from Label, Citing “Racism”

( Far-left activists have succeeded in forcing Quaker Foods, the company behind the “Aunt Jemima” brand, to remove the iconic drawing of an African American woman from their products. The name “Aunt Jemima” will also be removed from their range of syrups and breakfast foods, citing “racism.”

This is just one of several characters removed from food packaging, with one of the most recent other examples of this being the Land O Lakes butter logo. The Native American woman depicted in the Land O Lakes butter logo for decades was removed.

It’s like far-left activists don’t want any non-white characters to be seen in public life at all. Almost seems like a win for white nationalists…

Quaker Foods announced they would remove Aunt Jemima and rebrand their breakfast products to “make progress toward racial equality.”

This is a brand that has been loved by families of all races in America for 130 years. Let that sink in!

NBC reported how this is the next step in the company’s attempt at removing racist connotations from the drawing. Over time, the logo was changed, with the most recent change being the removal of the “mammy” handkerchief that was considered a racist stereotype dating back to the days of slavery. In a statement, Quaker Foods said that they recognize the racist origins of the character and think it’s time to get rid of it completely.

“We recognize Aunt Jemima’s origins are based on a racial stereotype,” the company’s vice president Kristin Kroepfl said. “As we work to make progress toward racial equality through several initiatives, we also must take a hard look at our portfolio of brands and ensure they reflect our values and meet our consumers’ expectations.”

Isn’t it crazy that the death of George Floyd, a result of police brutality that was condemned by Republicans and Democrats alike, resulted in businesses kowtowing to the demands of a minority of the American public?

In NBC’s report, Professor Riche Richardson of Cornell University said that the logo of Aunt Jemima was a “retrograde image of black womanhood on store shelves.”

“It’s an image that harkens back to antebellum plantation,” he said. “Aunt Jemima is that kind of stereotype is premised on this idea of Black inferiority and otherness.”

For many people, though, the sight of Aunt Jemima reminds them of…good pancakes.

The new packaging will start to appear in the fall of this year, meaning for several months more, the “racist” image will still appear on breakfast foods. Quaker Foods also said they would donate more than $5 million over the next five years to charities that help the “Black community.”