British PM Boris Johnson Says BLM BULLIED Officers, WON’T “Take A Knee”

( Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson went on record about the Black Lives Matter movement on Friday, condemning the far-left Marxist organization for bullying police officers on the streets of London into taking the knee. During a question-and-answer session with callers on a national radio network, Johnson also said he wouldn’t take a knee himself.

“If you think of what happened with those police officers standing at the Cenotaph where they were being insulted in really quite aggressive terms by some members of the crowd and told to take the knee,” Johnson said. The Prime Minister was referring to recent riots in the English capital city that resulted in gangs of violent extremists burning British flags and vandalizing the world-famous Cenotaph monument.

Police officers were also shamed by protesters, resulting in some officers taking the knee, and officers who refused to take the knee being shamed and abused in the street.

“Some of them did,” Boris said. “It was very difficult, then, for others who didn’t. I think it’s very important that you don’t do things that make life difficult or embarrassing.”

Johnson went on to tell LBC radio host Nick Ferrari that he doesn’t want police officers “bullied into doing things that they don’t necessarily want to do.”

Ferrari was clearly itching throughout the entire interview to ask Johnson a yes or no question about whether he would take the knee himself – and Johnson said no. In a roundabout way.

“I don’t believe in gestures, I believe in substance,” Johnson said. “I believe in doing things that make a practical difference.”

As the leader of the Conservative Party, Boris Johnson is regularly accused of racism in the same way that President Donald Trump is. However, during his time as Mayor of London before he rejoined the British Parliament, Johnson was responsible for several “positive discrimination” schemes that favored black Brits. Johnson referenced those initiatives in the radio interview and expressed his desire for other programs like them to be rolled out all over the country.

The issue of police officers kneeling with BLM has been as contentious in the United Kingdom as it has been in America. Police officers in Hertfordshire were initially encouraged by their department to kneel with protesters. The department even warned officers that they may “become the focus of the protesters’ attention” if they don’t.

Well, thank goodness Boris is at least standing up to the rioters.