Brian Stelter Holds Back The Tears On Last Day At CNN

( Brian Stelter has one foot on a banana peel at CNN.

“Reliable sources,” say Stelter’s time at CNN is “down to weeks, if not days.” He is everything the new owners associate with the Zucker period, which they are eager to leave behind.

According to reports, fake news Stelter is causing turmoil and issues and “provoking unrest within the ranks.”

A CNN insider said Brian Stelter should most definitely start searching for other employment.

Hosted for nine years by Stelter, it’s been the longest-running program on the network. Stelter’s ratings are plummeting. When more people tune in to Hee Haw reruns, it’s time to go. The final edition of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter aired on Sunday. He had a hard time controlling his tears. The “eyes” on the “Potato” grew watery.

Trump’s reaction was classic, saying that Brian Stelter was fired from Fake News CNN because he repeatedly lied about him. “REST IN PEACE,” he said. This message was dropped on Truth Social.

Stelter’s reaction was pure narcissism pretending to be humble-

“This small but mighty show punched above its weight for so many years… even former President commented on the cancellation.”

Claire Atkinson, the Chief media correspondent for The Insider, has cautioned that as a result of CNN’s efforts to become more neutral, “there’s going to be the prospect of people leaving CNN and the likelihood that ratings go down.”

After the final “Reliable Source” broadcast, the internet responded:

“Congratulations to Brian Stelter for being the only person to ever depart CNN for a non-penis-related cause,” commented Twitter user Scott Adams.

“First went Chris Cuomo, now it’s Brian Stelter… next to go is Don Lemon,” wrote comedian Tim Young.

The First Amendment applies to EVERYONE, not just journalists, as Curtis Houck stated in an article. “This is something CNN, Brian Stelter, and ‘Reliable Sources’ NEVER accept,” he continued.

He continued, “We have a RIGHT to make fair criticism of the press, and doing so is NOT violent or a threat of death.

President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton claimed in a piece that Mr. Brian Stelter and other CNN employees, including Oliver Darcy, long ago opted to forgo “journalism” in favor of pursuing efforts to drive Fox News and its hosts off the air and off social media.

Live by the sword, and you might trip and fall on it.

One might say that the Potato was julienned by his.