Brett Kavanaugh Targeted By Democrats For New Investigation

( Just as the Democrats refused to give up on impeaching former President Donald Trump even after he left the White House, Senate Democrats are now looking to return to the FBI investigation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh that couldn’t determine he was guilty of the crimes the Democrats cruelly tried to accuse him of.

Seven members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Rhode Island Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray requesting that they provide additional information about the 2018 background investigation into Kavanaugh.

It follows a letter sent by the FBI to Senators Sheldon Whitehouse and Chris Coons that revealed some 4,500 tips were provided on a tip line but no action was taken.

In the letter, the far-left, partisan senators said that the FBI letter corroborated accounts by individuals who said that they contained the FBI with information that was “highly relevant” to the investigation but were ignored. The senators ask if the FBI was authorized not to follow up on the tips.

The Senate Democrats did not for a moment consider the possibility that the tips were politically motivated and provided little information that could prove the allegations made about Kavanaugh during the Democrats’ desperate attempts to stop a conservative judge from being appointed.

The letter focused in on the fact that the nomination of Kavanaugh was the first time that a tip line was set up during the Senate confirmation process.

Amazing, isn’t it? Republicans have never been so cruel, and never treated a Supreme Court nominee as a criminal – but the Democrats did it shamelessly and continue to do so.