Bob Dylan Is Banning Phones From His Concerts As People Try To Upload His Work Online

( Bob Dylan has banned cell phones from his future UK shows to prevent unlawful videos from being posted online.

Concertgoers must lock their phones in pouches to see the 81-year-old musician.
Many artists believe smartphone prohibitions ‘enhance the experience for everyone,’ but the real reason is it protects their business interests. Stars lose money if fans record their concerts and post them online for free.

The Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door hitmaker sold his song portfolio to Universal Music for $300m in 2020.

The record corporation now controls the rights to 600 Dylan songs and may profit by licensing them to advertising firms and film studios.

Touring is one of the Nobel Prize winner’s remaining revenue streams. By not permitting audience filming, he may sell DVDs and live records.

Dylan will play four nights at London’s Palladium from October 19 to 24, then tour arenas.

Concert goers must deposit their phones in a Yondr container, secured like clothes shop security tags.

The owner’s phone is inaccessible.

A user must leave the event to remove their phone from its Yondr bag in an emergency.

Kate Bush, Jack White, Dave Chappelle, and Madonna all used lockable bags since their introduction.

White’s 2018 remark on prohibiting phones during his shows explains how he can control media and merchandise.

He remarked, ‘We think you’ll enjoy putting down your devices and experiencing music IN PERSON.’

Brooklyn Beckham’s April wedding to Nicola Peltz was another example.

Vogue revealed exclusive wedding images after guests put their phones in Yondr pouches.

Kate Bush advised fans not to videotape her 2014 Hammersmith Apollo reunion gigs.
The reclusive artist released a live record so fans could share the experience.

Madonna banned phones and smart watches for her 14-night London Palladium engagement, part of her 2020 Madame X tour.

Dave Chappelle told CBS that cell phones are such a distraction that he has a no-phone policy.

By employing Yondr, Chapelle avoids his comedy specials from being posted online before Netflix.

Some artists may benefit from keeping a tight lid on what goes on at the concert. They may stink and do not want people to hear them before purchasing a tick