Blue States See Citizens Leaving In Droves

( As Blue states remain crippled with fear over the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more Americans are abandoning Democrat regions and starting new lives in Republican states.

New data shows that over 770,000 Americans and legal residents moved to southern states between April 2020 and July 2021, with more of those people leaving Democrat-run regions of northern states. A majority of those leaving for Red states were domestic residents, with some 389,638 coming from the Northeast, 123,103 from the Midwest, and 144,941 from the West.

The data, which was compiled and published by the Yankee Institutes, showed how most people came from Blue regions, with California seeing a total loss of 429,383. California was one of several Blue states with extreme lockdown measures and quarantine rules implemented from early 2020, with many of those measures still in place today.

One thing we don’t know from the data is why people are leaving in such numbers, but it’s hard to imagine the pandemic doesn’t have much to do with it. Republican states have sided, for the most part, with freedom – while Democrat states are still pushing strict measures that have gone beyond lockdowns and now focus mostly on vaccine mandates.

According to the Yankee Institute, Texas and Florida – two of the most staunchly Republican states in the country – saw the biggest population increases. Some 220,890 fled to Florida, while 170,307 fled to Texas.

Things are not looking good for the Democrats as we head towards the 2022 midterm elections…