BLM Leader Wants Land Stripped From Whites Over “Reoperations”

( A prominent Black Lives Matter activist with roughly half a million follows on Twitter, Bree Newsome, published a racist tirade on her social media on Tuesday suggesting that white people should have their property stripped away from them.

Newsome, who uses the phrase “DEFUND & ABOLISH POLICE” in her username, said that it’s “amazing” how “white people commit atrocities in one generation & then they just disappear from existence.”

Newsome complained that no descendants or names or current wealth or landholdings can be “identified” from the atrocities – which she didn’t specify – but said that “only Black survivors” have living memory.

No, it doesn’t make much sense, but here’s what she’s trying to say: white people should have their land or money stripped from them if some unspecified organization responsible for seeking out families whose descendants have committed unspecified “atrocities.”

It’s a horrifying suggestion, and should she get her way, would open up the possibility of destroying hundreds, thousands, or even millions of lives with political persecutions that would target white people who were identified as the descendants of people who did something that Black Lives Matter (and most normal people) don’t support today.

In a subsequent tweet, Newsome then claimed the white violence has “driven Black migration” all over the country and has resulted in a large loss of wealth and land. She didn’t expand on what she meant by that or provide any evidence that the claim is true, but she said it anyway…and Twitter doesn’t seem to care.

The tweets have stayed on the platform, and Newsome’s account has not been restricted in any way.

But can you imagine how Twitter would respond if a white person took to Twitter to suggest Black people should be robbed of their wealth and property?