BLM Founder Compares Police To Terrorists

( An unseen, unearthed video clip reveals how the co-founder of the extremist “Black Lives Matter” movement Patrisse Cullors once claimed that the police force is a “terrorist organization”. An ironic claim given the violence and destruction caused by Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists over the last year.

Cullors made the claim during a speech in 2015 at King’s College London. It was part of her “Ferguson Solidarity Tour” of the United Kingdom, in which she also told audiences that she had “always” had a dream to “fight police.”

Nice girl, huh?

“I joined organization when I was 17 years old, and I remember the first thing I said to the organization was “do you fight police?” That’s what I wanted to do,” she can be heard saying during the speech.

Cullors added that she “always knew” she wanted to fight police officers because they were the “single most, sort of, terrorist organization” in her life.

Cullors continued by explaining how she ran campaigns that focused on trying to get police officers out of high schools, and “decriminalizing young people’s lives” – whatever that’s meant to mean.

You can hear her unhinged ramblings in the clip below.

Cullors’ lazy attempt at comparing police officers to terrorists makes little sense, but it does fit her narrative that her organization and fellow campaigns are working to combat “racism.”

Most of the people in attendance at the event were members of the Kings College African Caribbean Society, International Feminist Society, and “Action Palestine” group.

She can also be heard celebrating the occupation of the Los Angeles Police Department, a dangerous and illegal protest that inhibited the LAPD’s ability to properly fulfil their duties and responsibilities as police officers – namely, their work protecting the public from criminals.

If you need any more evidence that Black Lives Matter is an extremist organization run by lunatics who think they’re fighting for justice, when really they’re fighting decent police officers who keep Americans safe, just watch the clip for yourself.