Blinken Says Russia Will Decide Relationship With America

( Watch out, everyone. President Joe Biden is trying to sound tough again.

This time, he’s issuing pseudo-threats through his Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who reportedly claimed after a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov last week that it’s “up to Russia” to decide whether it would be possible to have a more predictable and stable relationship with the United States.

Speaking to Fareed Zakaria on CNN, Blinken said that he had an “instructive” and “business-like” conversation with his Russian counterparts recently, but that President Biden has been “very clear” with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He must be terrified…

Blinken said that he reiterated the message from President Biden to the Russian Foreign Minister that they would like a “stable” relationship with the country.

After calling President Vladimir Putin a killer, and being routinely mocked by Russian leaders in response, it doesn’t sound like Biden is off to a great start.

We’ll soon see how President Biden manages to deal with President Putin in the coming weeks, as the two world leaders are expected to take part in a summit. The location of the summit is yet to be confirmed, but the meeting is expected to take place at some point in the summer.

President Putin claimed in a televised discussion this month that Russia will “cut the teeth” of any country that wishes to take a “bite” out of it – seemingly a warning to Western countries opposed to Russia’s efforts to expand into surrounding territories, like Ukraine.

Recent events like the SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline hacks are also likely to cause further tensions during these discussions, with both attacks understood to have been committed by Russian hackers with the permission or endorsement of the Russian government.