Bipartisan Free Speech Panel’ Paused By Over 100 “Woke” Yale Law School Students

( Back on March 10, a mob of over 100 Yale Law School students turned into hysterical nut-jobs, disrupting the speakers on a bipartisan panel discussing civil liberties.

The panel discussion, hosted by the Federalist Society, was held in hopes of showing how liberal atheists and conservative Christians could find common ground on the issue of free speech.

The two speakers, Kristen Waggoner, a constitutional rights US Supreme Court litigator with the conservative Alliance Defending Freedom, and Monica Miller, an associate at the progressive American Humanist Association, were reportedly discussing a recent Supreme Court case dealing with freedom of religion and free speech on college campuses when all hell broke loose.

A group of about 120 law students who outnumbered the audience turned up to “protest” (AKA shout down and disrupt) the event in hopes of shutting it down.

Yale Law School professor Kate Stith, the event moderator, had to pause the discussion after one screeching student threatened a member of Alliance Defending Freedom, shouting that she would “literally fight you, b*tch!”

Stith tried to admonish the screeching future lawyers, reminding them of Yale’s free speech policy that prohibits any “protest” that “interferes with speakers’ ability to be heard and of community members to listen.”

Big shock, but that didn’t work.

The screaming future lawyers, middle fingers raised in the air, continued to deploy the heckler’s veto.

Finally Stith told the disruptive little brats to leave. But even after they left the room, the tantrum continued outside as the future lawyers tried their best to drown out the speakers yelling and shouting outside.

Watch the embarrassing display HERE.

Keep in mind, these people are the next generation of American attorneys.

Imagine them in a courtroom, shouting down the judge, screeching at opposing counsel, and generally behaving like spoiled children when they don’t get their way.

America’s so-called “elite” institutions of learning are irreparably broken.