Bill O’Reilly To Go On Tour With Donald Trump

( Former President Donald Trump is reportedly all set to tour with news anchor Bill O’Reilly, taking to the stage at venues in Texas and Florida to discuss “never before heard” stories of the Trump administration.

O’Reilly, formerly one of the most popular news anchors on Fox, is a notorious history buff and an author of many history buffs. The Sun-Sentinel reported that he and the former president will embark on a “History Tour” at four venues in December, with the first one taking place on December 11 in Sunrise, Florida.

Tickets will reportedly go on sale six months in advance of the first date.

After the Florida event, Trump and O’Reilly when then appear at venues in Houston and Dallas.

The conversations between the two high-profile conservative names will offer an inside view into the Trump administration and will detail how the former president came to power and what happened behind the scenes while he was in the White House.

O’Reilly said in an announcement that as a historian and a journalist he will use the discussions as an opportunity to put things on the record in a “fact-based way.” He also promised that the conversations “will not be boring.”

Former President Donald Trump also said that he believes they will be “hard-hitting” sessions and that he will cover a number of “real problems” currently affecting the United States. He said that it’s something that politicians seldom do.

Among the topics expected to be discussed during the events are the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, the border, President Joe Biden’s disastrous economic policies, the gas crisis, and the Israel crisis that has occurred since President Trump left office.

There is so much at stake and so much that is going wrong that it’s hard to believe this can all be covered in just four nights!