Bill Gates Has COVID Despite Previous Claims About Vaccines

( Billionaire Bill Gates announced this week that he tested positive for COVID, saying in a tweet on Tuesday that he was experiencing only mild symptoms and would remain in isolation until he was better.

The opinionated non-scientist who recently bemoaned the COVID vaccines’ lack of efficacy also said it was “fortunate” he was fully vaccinated and boosted and had “access to testing and great medical care.”

Back in January, during a brief Twitter chat with host Devi Sridhar, chair of global public health at the Edinburgh University Medical School, Gates admitted that the COVID vaccines do not prevent the transmission of COVID.

He told Sridhar the COVID vaccines might help, but they only slightly reduce transmission, arguing that we need a vaccine that prevents infection and offers long-term protection from the virus.

And this week, he proved his point.

In a recent interview, Gates claimed we didn’t know at the start of the pandemic that COVID had a low fatality rate that mainly targeted the elderly.

That’s absurd. Lots of people knew that from the start of the pandemic. And the ones that continued saying it were accused of spreading “disinformation” and got censored or suspended from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Why anyone listens to Bill Gates about anything beyond what to do when Windows locks up your computer is a mystery.