Bill De Blasio Tries To Bribe Americans Into Getting Vaxxed

( New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio attempted to bribe New Yorkers into taking the COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday morning, appearing during a press conferencing eating French fries and initiating some kind of comedy skit that just seemed creepy.

Mayor de Blasio announced that the city would be handing out free French fries to anybody that takes the vaccine.

That seems like a small price for giving in and just doing what the government insists you do.

“Free fries when you get vaccinated? Um, I got vaccinated,” he said in his failed skit. “You’re saying I could get these delicious fries? Wait a minute, but there’s also a burger element to this?”

Oh, please…

“Let me check with Bill Neidhardt. Is it too early in the day to eat a burger?” He continued. “This could be breakfast. I want you to look at this and think about, again, some people love hamburgers, some don’t. I really want to respect all ways of life.”

The mayor then pointed to his Shake Shack meal and said, “mm, vaccination, mm, I’m getting a very good feeling about vaccination right at this moment.”

Can you believe this guy is a legitimately elected Democrat mayor of one of America’s most famous cities?

De Blasio was attempting to announce that his administration had teamed up with Shake Shack to offer vouchers for a free burger or sandwich to anybody who took the COVID-19 vaccine in an NYC mobile vaccine clinic. Under the plan, anybody who has already taken the shot can show proof and get free fries with a sandwich or burger.

So if you happen to be in New York and you’re vaccinated, you might as well take the free burger. But we wish De Blasio wouldn’t do creepy things like this…