Bill Clinton Mocks Rising Crime Rates After Pelosi Is Beaten In His Own Home

Last weekend, former President Bill Clinton was in New York doing his part to help Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul beat back a challenge from Republican Lee Zeldin and win reelection.

And while Hochul managed to prevent an unprecedented upset by Zeldin, Clinton’s efforts probably had nothing to do with her win. During his campaign remarks, the clueless former president decided the best way to beat Zeldin is to make an idiotic joke about New York City’s crime epidemic.

Clinton said that from the way Lee Zeldin talks, it sounds as if Kathy Hochul starts every day by going to the closest subway station and handing out “billy clubs and baseball bats” to the people getting on the subway. Unsurprisingly, the smallish crowd of Democrat voter slaughed. But Clinton wasn’t done.

He then portrayed how Lee Zeldin views himself by puffing out hisarms in a body-building stance.

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Just days earlier, Bill’s odious wife Hillary was stumping for Hochul in Manhattan where she too dismissed Zeldin’s concern over crime, claiming all he cared about was keeping New Yorkers scared.

Actually, the fear of being beaten, raped, shot, or stabbed on the street or shoved onto subway tracks is what is keeping New Yorkers scared.

And while many weren’t amused that a former president and his wife were both mocking New Yorkers’ concerns about rising crime, in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2 to1, Kathy Hochul had no difficulty overcoming her own self-inflicted problems and the problems heaped on her by her campaign surrogates.

By Wednesday morning, with 92 percent of the precincts reporting, Hochul defeated Zeldin by a little over 300,000 votes, 52.8 percent to 47 percent.

But even her win is a bit of a blow in a state where Democrats usually beat their Republican challengers by well over twenty points.