Bill Clinton Goes After Kamala Harris’ Accusers In Angry Rant

( The last person you probably want on your side when you’re accused of creating a hostile work environment is former President Bill Clinton, but that’s exactly what’s happening to Vice President Kamala Harris.

After the far-left VP was accused of making her staffers feel like they are “treated like sh*t” and working in an “abusive environment,” the former president came forward and contradicted the claims.

Speaking to CNBC, former President Clinton defended Tina Flourney, Harris’ chief of staff who is said to have a reputation for behaving in an “extreme” way, refusing to delegate to other staffers, and even second-guessing other colleagues.

Clinton told CNBC that Flourney ran his office for over eight years, making it efficient, effective, and transparent.

Is this a joke?

He said that Flourney made his work easier not harder, and also helped him do more philanthropic work after leaving the White House. Clinton also said that Flourney has the ability to “focus on the big picture” and “adapt to changing conditions.”

Doesn’t this read like a resume? Or an endorsement? Is Flourney looking for a promotion or something?

Matt McKenna, a Clinton spokesman, also praised Flourney for creating “much-needed structure” in the Clinton office.

But is that really the center of the scandal here?

Flourney and Harris were both the focus of a recent Politico report which cited dozens of former and current aides of the vice president, describing how they described Flourney created an “insular environment” where ideas are regularly ignored and decisions take forever to be made. Flourney was even accused of refusing to take responsibility for errors and blaming staffers when things go wrong.

Well, at least they have a notoriously trustworthy, honest, and upstanding former president on their side…right?