Bill Akman Risks Reputation To Say He Believes Kyle Rittenhouse Is Innocent

( Bill Ackman, an activist investor, defended Kyle Rittenhouse on Thursday – a day before he was acquitted of all charges against him in court – and called him a “civic-minded patriot.”

In a Twitter post, Ackman said that he had watched several hours of Kyle Rittenhouse’s direct testimony and cross-examination and that he came away from it believing that Kyle was telling the truth and acted in self-defense.

“We found him to be a civic-minded patriot with a history of helping his community as an EMT and fireman in training,” he said.

Ackman, a hedge fund manager and investor, and the CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, shared a lengthy statement in the form of a Twitter thread bravely putting his reputation on the line even before the jury had come to a conclusion.

He added that communities often react negatively and sometimes even violently when a jury verdict surprises them, before adding that he urges everyone who may respond to the verdict to actually watch the trial and build an informed opinion.

Ackman also said that he is not a gun owner or a member of the National Rifle Association and that he also believes in stronger gun regulations – adding that it seems as though society’s view of Rittenhouse’s innocence depends on whether or not you believe in gun regulation.

“Kyle Rittenhouse’s life is at risk. Justice demands a fair trial. Society would benefit greatly if politics did not enter the courtroom and convict innocent people,” he said.

For someone so prominent to put their neck on the line like this is extremely significant, and just another indication that many people see right through the left’s attempts at politicizing this tragic case.