Biggest Earthquake Rocks American State In 50 Years

( Early on Monday, just off the coast of Alaska, an earthquake of a 6.9 magnitude struck. It came just two months after the United States saw its biggest earthquake in 50 years, which also occurred in the same region.

The epicenter of the earthquake was just 71 miles east of Chinik, according to the United States Geological Survey. The quake was 29 miles deep.

Alaska’s Earthquake Center confirmed the earthquake, describing it as an aftershock of the 8.2-magnitude earthquake that struck on July 28 this year. It’s the strongest seen in the United States since 1965’s 8.7-magnitude earthquake in the Aleutian Islands, and the 9.2-magnitude earthquake that his on Good Friday in Alaska in 1964.

The March 27 earthquake was the second-largest earthquake ever recorded by seismometers, and you can see some of the aftermath of the earthquake in the footage below:

Residents felt the most recent earthquake on Kodiak island and the Alaska Peninsula, but authorities say that those living in the region do not need to worry about the possibility of a tsunami.

Last Sunday, Hawaii experienced an earthquake of its own. The 6.2-magnitude quake also caused no threat of a tsunami and there were no reports of serious damage.

That’s a lucky escape!