Biden’s Nephew’s Wife Sought Marriage Advice Weeks Before Splitting With Husband

( After only two months of marriage, Joe Biden’s nephew Cuffe Biden Owens and his bride, reality TV personality Meghan King, filed for divorce in December. But before deciding to split up, King sought marriage advice from her one million Instagram followers.

And that didn’t work? Golly, what a shock.

King told her followers that the newlyweds already felt like they’d been married for a million years. So for a two-month anniversary, they were packing the kids off to the grandparents and getting a hotel room. With their “staycation” over, Meghan wanted some “marriage tips” to prepare for the return to real life.

Anybody who asks for marriage tips on Instagram deserves to divorce.

But what do you expect? The couple tied the knot after a very short courtship and announced their engagement on Instagram in September. A few weeks later, they got married.

Meghan King’s ex-husband told the Daily Mail that when he heard of the impending nuptials, he was stunned since his ex and the Biden spawn had only been dating a few weeks.

Before the Big Day, King was interviewed at about her “whirlwind love affair,” saying the couple met on a dating app, texted “for a day or two,” then spent five hours on the phone. When they hung up, Cuffe flew to St. Louis to meet King face-to-face. A week later, they were meeting his family and “starting to plan our future together.”

It must have been a very short plan.

At Cuffe’s childhood home in Pennsylvania, Meghan King became Meghan Owens. And two months later, Meghan was scrubbing her social media of any mention of her married name.

Cuffe’s mom is Joe Biden’s younger sister Valerie Biden Owens. She was the sister Joe Biden confused with his wife during his victory speech on Super Tuesday in March 2020: