Biden’s Executive Gun Action Risks Turning Millions Into Criminals

( Everybody knows by now that President Joe Biden prefers to lead by executive action rather than compromise in Congress, but his latest executive orders could prove his most controversial and problematic yet – potentially turning millions of Americans into criminals.

Advocates of the Second Amendment slammed the president this week after he announced on Thursday that he would require Americans to register, pay tax for, or even abandon guns they have already legally purchased. Among the guns that would be affected at AR-15 style pistols and other so-called “assault weapons.”

The National Rifle Association described the decisions as a “circus,” saying that his actions “could require Americans to surrender lawful property” and would “push states to expand confiscation orders, and put a gun control lobbyist to head ATF.”

Americans who don’t surrender those guns, or pay expensive taxes, could immediately become criminals.

Among Biden’s new actions include regulation of so-called “ghost guns” that don’t have serial numbers, as well as the establishment of a new commission that will assess illegal firearm trafficking, regulate the modification of pistols, and implement “ref flag” laws to stop more people from being able to legally purchase guns.

President Biden’s Thursday announcement would also instruct the Department of Justice to draft possible legislature for consideration by the states.

However, some Republican governors are already hitting back. Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona signed new legislation this week that would stop law enforcement officers in the state from enforcing any federal laws that violate the Second Amendment – meaning Biden is likely to face extensive push back on his latest anti-Second Amendment overreach.

During his speech, Biden addressed the long-standing point of contention of what makes an AR-15 different from a pistol. Republicans are always quick to remind Democrats that the only difference is the way that it looks – specifically, the use of a “pistol brace” that allows the gun to be stabilized when shooting. Now, Biden says that his point of contention is that it “essentially makes a pistol a hell of a lot more accurate, and a mini rifle.”

“As a result, it’s more lethal, effectively turning it into a short-barreled rifle,” he said.

But what is the point of a gun if it is not accurate?

You can expect Republicans to be asking that question plenty over the remaining years of the Biden administration.