Biden’s Attorney General Grilled For Targeting Parents With Weaponized DOJ

( On Thursday, far-left Attorney General Merrick Garland faced some difficult questions from the House Judiciary Committee. It comes at a time when the Justice Department, which is specifically held to account by the House judiciary Committee, faces multiple controversies.

Among the top issues that Republican members of the committee questioned Garland on was the memo sent to the Justice Department smearing concerned parents as “domestic terrorists.” The letter, sent by the National School Boards Association, requested assistance from the FBI and the DoJ, describing how concerned parents were threatening or hurting school board members for teaching Critical Race Theory in the classroom.

No evidence, however, was provided to support the claim. There is plenty of footage online of parents getting angry and criticizing school board members passionately, but there appears to be no evidence whatsoever that they are committing domestic terrorism or that the FBI or DoJ should need to get involved.

Republican committee ranking member Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio tried to drive this point home by showing a video of parents making passionate speeches at school board meetings during his opening remarks at the committee, but controversial Democratic Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler refused, insisting that the video should have been handed to the committee 48 hours beforehand.

A pointless rule and clearly just an effort to block Republicans from exposing the insanity of the Department of Justice’s apparent willingness to smear concerned parents.

Garland refused to address the school board matter during his opening statements, too. Instead, he talked generally about protecting individual freedoms while also protecting the American people from “threats.”

What threats? Parents who don’t want their children to be taught to be racist by far-left teachers?

Garland said that all people in America deserve a government that protects them “against a wide range of threats- from international and domestic terrorism to cyber-attacks to violent crime and drug trafficking.”

If that’s the case, why isn’t the Biden administration doing something to stop drug smuggling and human trafficking at the border?

Republicans tried their best with Garland, pointing out the glaring failures of the Biden administration – but to nobody’s surprise, he didn’t own up to any of it.

You can read more about the hearing here.