Biden Wants To Save These Criminals With A Disturbing Rule Change

( Last week, President Biden nominated US District Judge Carlton Reeves to serve as chairman of the US Sentencing Commission and New York attorney John Gleeson for one of the commission’s seven seats.

And if those nominations are any indication, the Biden administration is going all-in on appointing pro-criminal partisans for what is supposed to be a non-partisan commission.

Both Judge Reeves and John Carlson have a history of making politically-charged statements, including repeatedly attacking former President Donald Trump.

Now, it stands to reason that these nominations were not the brainchild of Joe Biden himself, whose brain is so far gone, it couldn’t spawn a child if it wanted to.

Instead, like his judicial nominations, Biden’s picks for the nonpartisan Sentencing Commission are being pushed by leftist advocates within the administration with the help of outside far-Left groups like Demand Justice.

Demand Justice was behind the campaign to force Justice Stephen Breyer into retirement to pave the way for the far-Left radical judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Paige Herwig, who heads up the White House’s judicial nominee vetting process previously worked for Demand Justice.

In fact, Judge Reeves is on the list of possible Biden Supreme Court nominees compiled by Demand Justice.

While accepting an award from the University of Virginia in 2019, Judge Reeves attacked former President Trump, comparing him to Jim Crow-era Democrats like George Wallace and lawyers who defended the Ku Klux Klan.

Meanwhile, John Gleeson played a part in advancing the Russian collusion hoax. After the Justice Department dropped its case against former national security advisor Michael Flynn, it was John Gleeson whom US District Judge Emmet Sullivan selected to make the case against the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss the case against Flynn.

By law, the Sentencing Commission is supposed to be bipartisan, with neither party having more than four commissions. What’s more, the commission is meant to do its work free of partisan political divisions. But if these are the people the White House is choosing, that is unlikely to remain the case.