Biden Uses Vulgar Term, Then Apologizes To Women Around Him

In the 2020 general election, one of President Joe Biden’s selling points was that he was the adult in the room compared to former President Donald Trump.

Biden Loses It Over Biggest Failure, Drops Word So Vulgar He Apologizes When Women Are Around: Book (

You’ve probably heard some people say they didn’t like Trump’s foul language and temper, so they were going to vote for Biden. It’s the result of the establishment media’s nonstop anti-Trump rhetoric throughout his presidency.

Ironically, a new book attempting to glorify Biden’s presidency, “The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House,” may have revealed Biden’s ugly, unprofessional side. According to excerpts of the book obtained by media, author Chris Whipple portrayed an old man at the end of his rope and lashing out in response. Some of Biden’s alleged outbursts involved the border crisis.

Whipple wrote that the illegal immigrants kept arriving, and Biden was enraged. Assistants rarely witnessed him so enraged as they could hear the president cursing and dropping f-bombs from anywhere in the West Wing. He apologized if women were present.

Early in his term, he reserved the f-bomb for discussions of the southern border, but recently he has been using it more frequently, according to Whipple. Whipple also described Biden elsewhere in the book as appearing to be fraying at the seams due to his failures.

A report reveals that Biden may come across as a foul-mouthed wreck in the excerpts, but “The Fight of His Life” is meant to romanticize his presidency. The Amazon description states that the book is from a New York Times bestselling author of a groundbreaking look at how President Joe Biden and his seasoned team have fought to achieve their agenda.

It further states that the Biden administration inherited the most daunting challenges since FDR’s presidency. Adeadly pandemic, a collapsing economy, an unresolved twenty-year war, and the aftermath of a polarizing attack on the Capitol.

If you think this book will be an objective report of Joe Biden, you are a gullible human being.