Biden Told To Fire National Security Adviser

( President Joe Biden’s disastrous handling of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan has been so bad that both sides of the aisle have condemned him for his actions. Democrats, the media, and even former Obama administration official Brett Bruen is calling on the President to take action in response to the withdrawal, which saw the Taliban retake control of Afghanistan within a matter of days, and thousands of Americans stranded in the country.

Bruen wrote on Monday that the president should take decisive action and fire his national security adviser Jake Sullivan for giving him bad advice.

Writing in USA Today, he said that while Biden wanted to withdraw from Afghanistan, it was Sullivan’s job to determine the best way to achieve that goal without the problems and pitfalls we have seen since.

He added that Sullivan “knows all the theories and academic arguments” that apply to foreign policy, he doesn’t have the overseas experience required to make the right decisions. He also said that his lack of experience can easily lead to a disconnect between good ideas and the implementation of those ideas.

Bruen said that President Joe Biden “needs to fire his national security adviser” as well as a number of other senior leaders that oversaw this catastrophe. He also said that Biden must restructure how and with whom he works with to make major foreign policy decisions, and give career exports more of an opportunity to work within his cabinet.

For a former Obama official to be saying this…you know there’s something really bad happening.

But so far, Biden is sticking to his guns and has not announced any firings just yet.