Biden Throws Fit Over Art Being For Money Laundering Despite Hunter’s Art Sales

( Despite refusing to admit that Hunter Biden’s sudden emergence as an “artist” and his recent New York City art exhibition that saw his artwork selling for as much as $500,000 per piece, the White House just flagged the art industry as an area of concern when it comes to money laundering.

The Biden family has no self-awareness whatsoever.

The United States Strategy on Countering Corruption just issued the first-ever report on the state of corruption in the United States, and those behind the report say that they are looking for ways that “government officials abuse public power for private gain.”

In the new report, the art industry was identified as a market where crimes often occur, but for some reason, it didn’t mention the Biden family’s interesting international business connections or the president’s son’s recent decision to become an artist and sell his work for more than any other amateur artist has ever sold their works.

The new report also identified tax crimes as being “interconnected” acts of corruption when it comes to money laundering, offering the example of a study from the World Bank that found how businesses that pay more bribes are also more likely to evade taxes.

While the report would likely be useful under any other administration, it seems unlikely that any fair implementation of recommendations found within the report is likely to happen when Hunter Biden is already under investigation for money laundering and tax schemes. The FBI is also reportedly investigating whether or not the president’s son and his many business partners violated money laundering laws when making deals with foreign countries – most notably, China.

Will Hunter Biden, who claimed that it is “courageous” to sell his amateur art for $500,000 earlier this summer, be protected by his father? And did this report purposely avoid mentioning Hunter Biden over fears of angering the president?

See the full report here.